Hm. Bowing.

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Crossfit 8

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A. Hang Power Clean; 2 reps/min for 10 min (perfect technique and speed) – 50lbs.
–Was supposed to be 70-75% of max. I officially want to keep a notebook there like all the other people. I couldn’t figure out my max! It was 65, though.
B. Split Jerk- 3, 1, 3, 1; rest 2 min – 50, 70, 65, 85lbs.
–On this we were supposed to begin below our max and do 3, add some weight and do 1, go down a little, but higher than the 1st and do 3, then end at 1 at our max.
–My previous max was 80, so yay! I’m pretty sure I could have done 90, though! Next time.
C. 250m Row ALL OUT x 4; rest 3 min
Couple of tips I’ve learned:
1) On the power clean, positioning your shoulders past the bar helps with getting a good swing up.
2) When rowing, use your legs, then bend at your hips (using your back), then use your arms to pull the cord to your chest. So, legs, back, arms.

Crossfit 7

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At lunch:
10 x 1 min. intervals. 60 seconds of hard running followed by 90 seconds of light walking. (25 min. workout) – 2.6 mi after walking 10 extra min.

WOD at Crossfit:
A. OHS (overhead squat)- build to a moderate Single – 60 lbs

5 rounds for time – 18:46 min. – includes time for me to get and use my inhaler and redo my ponytail like 3 times.
Run 400m – aka total run distance of 1.25 mi.
15 OHS, 95/65lbs – I did 50 lbs
Looks like:

Crossfit 6

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Not for time:

3 rounds as warm up

20 Double Unders – Or 20 attempts. I think the most I got was 12 or 13.
3-7 Ring Dips @ 33X1
6-8 Strict Toes to Bar – As far up as I could get them.


10 min to build to a tough Split Jerk (perfect form) – 80 lbs? I think. 80 or higher…


10 min AMRAP – Don’t know how many. Atleast 9. I lost count. 😦
2 Power Clean w/ 80% of Split Jerk – 65 lbs – You stand on a power clean. That pic is off a little.
2 Front Squats w/ 80% of Split Jerk – 65 lbs – A power clean and then you do squats.
6 CTB Pull Ups (4 Muscle Ups if Possible) – I did ring rows

Crossfit 5

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Warm-Up – stretch shoulders and perform 3 sets of 8/arm DB External Rotation @ 30X0

A. Press @ 31X1; 3 reps x 3; rest 2 min – 85 lbs


4 rounds for time – 9:36

10 Burpees

15 Pull Ups – Can’t do those yet. Did ring rows.

20 Sit Ups

WOD looked like:

Tips I learned:
1) A sit-up is effective once your shoulders have passed your hip joints.
2) I already knew this, but for anyone reading who doesn’t… adjust the difficulty of your ring rows by adjusting the angle of your body.

Crossfit 4

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A1. Bench Press @ 33X1; 6-8 reps x 3; rest 10 sec – Started 50lbs –> Ended 60lbs
A2. Pull Ups- Strict into Kipping max reps x 3; rest 2 min – Beginner pull-ups using rings – 12 per set
5 rounds for time – 9:55 min
10 Burpees
10 Knees to Elbows – Just pulled up as far as possible
This was the first workout I really struggled to finish. Not only was I huffing and puffing from the burpees followed 10 seconds later by knees to elbows, but I could barely lift my arms to grab the pull-up bar or use my forearms from the bench presses and rings. My forearms were so tight! This was really intense on the arms. With three “knees-to-elbows” left to go the coach was encouraging me and someone else chimed in. It was like a Biggest Loser moment, for real! lol I could feel tears welling up. I pushed the last three out. I didn’t cry! I could just feel a lot of emotion welling up. The last 6 were really crappy, so I am really disappointed in myself about that, but my forearms literally wouldn’t work. It just sucked! But it’s good, obviously! I love when it hurts!
This is what this work-out looked like:

Crossfit: 3

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High knees across floor
Caterpillar push-ups across floor
Lunge things where you lean over on your forearm? across floor
Dead lift 45lb bar 10 times then do 10 sit-ups. 2 rounds. – Mind you, my abs are STILL noticeably SORE from LAST FRIDAYS (over 10 days ago) ab workout! Heck yeeeahh!!

Romanian Dead Lift- 30X0; 4-6 reps x 3; rest 2 min – I lifted 65lbs –> 75lbs. My back and hamstrings would have let me lift more, but my forearms wouldn’t.
For time:
Row 500m
25 KBS, 70/53lbs
25 Burpees
— My time was 6:14. It was the fastest. (Everybody writes their time on the white board.) When I pointed this out to the coach and said I wondered if I had counted my time wrong (b/c I was puzzled since I’m new!) he said next time use heavier weight and that that’s what you get for being fast. lol Boooo!! So long beginner kettle bell! =/ That’s fair, tho…

My forearms were killing me the whole time and still are.  I wish I could go everyday!