9/9 Exercise

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Jogged 2 miles, sprinted a total of .5 miles, and walked 1.5 miles. 4 miles total.



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Background info:

Ok, so… I was in this bar on Bourbon with these cool people and we were just laughing and having fun and things, BUT THEN… one of the pointed out this thing on ESPN called Crossfit Games. Freakin’ INTENSE! I stared in a trance for a little bit, BUT THEN I immediately forced a friend to do palm-to-palm push-ups on each other. Yeah, we do that. Then, I was like, uncontrollably jumping jacking. I mean, I really couldn’t help it! I wanted to do something hardcore just like the ladies pushing it to the brink on the TV box. Just call me Hooked because I was. Hooked and inspired!

My recent obsession with the thought that I only get ONE body and ONE life only grew. If I want to really work this thing and see what it’s made of, the time is right now. I never want to look back and feel like I didn’t squeeze all I could out of this shell. What can I achieve? I think the limit is only much as my mind will allow. I know it is. I really don’t want my body to hold me back. No, sir! So, I picked Crossfit to get this thing started. Because it was freakin’ INTENSE! And I LIKE THAT! HELL YEAH!

Some things I really love that I want to be able to do better:
1. Mile long obstacle coarse races (like Spartan Race)
2. Climbing, climbing, climbing! I LOVE to climb!
3. Trail running (I guess I want to be able to run better on boring roads and stuff, too… I don’t love that, though.)
4. ROLLER DERBY – jamming and blocking
5. Trail biking
6. Um… other stuff.

Actual Crossfit stuff:

The place I’m going to for my training is Crossfit 27:17. There, I had to go through 3 one-on-one training classes before I could start a real class. I learned a lot of the moves (<– that’s probably not proper terminology) like push presses, dead lifts, and kips! Yeaahh!! I also learned why we would do the things we did and did some pretty intense aerobic work. I’m done with those now and today was my first real class day!

They recommend you keep a journal of your progress. I’m going to do that here.
The WOD (Workout of the day) is always written on a whiteboard.

Not including the warm-up which wasn’t very intense, this is what we did today:

My deadlifts (31X1 = Take 3 seconds to go down, stay down 1 sec., pop up as fast as possible ((while maintaining tight form)), stay up 1 sec. 3 reps x 3, 2 min. = 3 sets of 3 with a 2 min. rest between sets): 80lbs [weak!]

10 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible):
200m outside run followed by 10 goblet lunges: 5 –> Got butt cramps on this one!
200m outside run followed by 10 toes to bar: 5 (beginners swing and pull knees as high as possible. As close to knees to elbows as you can get. That’s what I did.)

This is what all that looked like:

Did I mention I HATE running? Oh. Well, I hate running. I was on par with the 4 people in this class, though. They weren’t new, either. I could tell one was a runner, so she was about 1 ahead of me on the goblet lunge one. But I got more than anyone on the knees to elbows! Some were actually doing toes to bar, though, so I can’t really brag. lol.

I left feeling like I hadn’t done enough! Then 20 minutes later… I started feeling it! Those butt cramps must have been muscle fibers ripping apart! And I don’t even want to go into all the other places I’m feeling it! Long story short: All over! That wasn’t even one of the extreme workouts I’ve been reading about online… PSahahah!! THIS IS AWESOME.

I’m going back tomorrow! I’ll post that workout, too!

Neat Dog Stuff

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I finally got a dog! Now I spend lots of my internet time scouring for unique dog supplies. (I want my pup to be totally hip. ;)) I thought I would share some of the best sites/brands I’ve found. So, here they are:

Ruff Wear – For the outdoorsy, recreational dog

wag.com – Lots of unique stuff from treats to fences to shampoos

OllyDog – Collars, leashes, fold-able water bowls all with unique and graphic prints!

d-fa.com – Best for their big selection of jackets, but they also have collars and leads (one of which I’m thinking of getting…)

Mascot Dog Supply – Cool collars and leashes!

P.L.A.Y. – Dog beds with interesting prints

Purple Bone – Unique supplies out of London (they can ship to the U.S.)



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Quest for a Dog

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I want to get a dog. Last night I took several “quizzes” that were supposed to tell me what kind I should get. They weren’t very helpful, as only one of them asked if I lived in an apt or house and the one that did ask, seemed to choose solely based on that. I mean, Bichon Frise?

Cute! But I’m not looking for a pillow. No offense, Bichon Frises!

The ideal dog for me would be affectionate, loyal, slightly protective, a good athletic partner, house-trained, and short-haired with little to no shedding (among other things…). Dogs that fit these needs do exist, but they really shouldn’t be stuck inside an apartment. They need a good bit of exercise every day, so having a yard where they can run free for a while would really be the best thing for them. I wouldn’t be able to guarantee an hour of intense playtime every day without having a yard. 😦

So, that makes me sad. I have this great fantasy of my dog running beside me as I bike, walking beside me when I walk, etc. It was a reality for me when I was a kid. I’ve always had really great dogs. They were always a partner and that’s what I would like with this dog, BUT it looks like I need to pick a breed that’s smaller and probably wouldn’t be able to keep up. I’ll have to save running beside me while I bike for later? Unless I move into a house. Hm. 😦

ANYway, I’ve been led back to where I started. Boston Terrier! We had one and he was GREAT! So quirky, adorable and affectionate! They have great personalities, in general and they’re so freakin’ cute! Our Boston was pretty athletic, too. Unfortunately, it’s hard for them to tolerate weather extremes, so hard exercise in mid summer could be uncomfortable for them. I think I could handle it, though. 🙂

They make me smile! Awww!

These are the top three I’m looking at right now:




Here are some others:





Here are a couple of non-Bostons I like:

Jack Russell Terrier: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18856951

Lab: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18190638 (shouldn’t get a Lab, though!)

I want to go to the local shelter and have a good look around. I wouldn’t mind not having a Boston if I meet somepup with the right personality!

QUEST FOR A DOG! Here we go! 😀

JR: 2011 TED Prize winner

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This is really beautiful.



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